Sunday, 16 October 2011

Red letter day plus one

Well, it was a good day, all in all. Moffat Book Events can consider itself fledged. If we emerged from the egg at Easter, we are now, as winter approaches, hopping about looking for worms in the grass or on the forest floor. An excellent summary has been circulated, of a teatime discussion, informally convened round the specially-commissioned cakes, sandwiches and scones, reflecting on what needs to be done better next time, action to take and a theme for spring 2012: Gardens and gardening. We are a team of many talents but it is agreed that, above all, a budget is required for professional publicity/PR to grow our audiences. In his talk yesterday about the history of immigration into Scotland, Alistair mentioned the phenomenon of ice age and nuclear winter (post volcanic eruption) 'refugia' - places where, against all the odds, life survives. I feel that Moffat is such a favoured place, in the present murky world of corruption, chaos and imminent financial collapse.

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